• Compact and lightweight design for easy use
  • Powerful rotating head for effective cleaning of stubborn dirt
  • Saves time due to greater reach than standard nozzles
  • Recommended: Wear gloves and eye protection during use
  • Revolutionary for cleaning wheel arches; only 30 seconds required per wheel arch


Our latest version is much more compact and lighter, but more importantly, more powerful. This accessory is perfect for stubborn spots and will save you a lot of time because the rotating head can cover a much larger area than standard nozzles.

We recommend wearing gloves and eye protection when using this attachment as the rotating water forcefully sprays away dirt.

This is a true revolution in the world of covered wheel arches. Instead of spending up to five minutes per wheel arch with a traditional spray nozzle, you can have your wheel arches looking like new again in less than 30 seconds.

Size chart for nozzle mounting

Understanding nozzle size can be complicated, especially with the many pressure washers on the market today. If you are unsure which size you need, please contact us and we will ensure you receive the correct size.

Basically, the size of the nozzle is determined by the pressure output (measured in PSI) and the maximum flow rate of your pressure washer. Choosing the right size ensures optimal flow and output at the tip. Too small or too large a size can put extra strain on your machine and cause serious problems, even breaking your machine. So it is crucial to choose the right size.


  • For Karcher K series (K2-K4) we recommend a 3.0 mouthpiece; for Karcher (K5-K7) we recommend a 4.0 mouthpiece.
  • For Nilfisk pressure washers, due to the wide range of flow rates, please contact us for advice.
  • For Kranzle machines:
  • Kranzle K7: 3.0
  • Kranzle K10: 4.5
  • Kranzle 1152 TST: 4.5

If your pressure washer has similar performance as mentioned above, choose the recommended size. If you are still unsure about the size you need, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Additional information

Turbo Nozzle

3.0, 4.0, 4.5