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Yumcars Wheels & Exterieur Kit

  • Prewash: Removes stubborn dirt.
    Car shampoo: Keeps the paint clear.
    Tire and rubber cleaner: Makes tires look like new.
    Rim cleaner: Cleans rims thoroughly.
    Iron Wheel Cleaner: Removes brake dust.
    Tire and plastic care: For a fresh appearance.
    Detailing spray: Provides protection and shine.
    Window cleaner: For clear vision.
    Accessories: Includes applicator, brush and Woolie for easy application and cleaning.

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The Yumcars Wheels & Exterior Kit contains everything you need for thorough cleaning and care of your vehicle:

Citrus Prewash: A powerful prewash that loosens stubborn dirt and contaminants, allowing you to start your cleaning with a clean slate.
Foam: A foaming car shampoo that gently removes dirt and grime, leaving your paint clear and radiant.
Undress: Specially designed for cleaning tires and rubber so they look like new.
Wash: A high-quality car shampoo for thorough cleaning of your paint, without affecting the protective coating.
Wheel Foam: Specially formulated to thoroughly clean your rims, even in the hard-to-reach corners.
Iron Wheel Cleaner: Removes iron particles and brake dust from your rims for a sparkling finish.
Dress+: For the care of tires and plastic parts to keep them looking like new.
Ceramic Detailer: A detailing spray that gives your vehicle a shiny and protective ceramic coating.
Glass Cleaner: For a crystal clear view without streaks or stains on your windows.
Tire Dressing Applicator: A handy applicator for an even application of tire dressing.
Tire Brush: For cleaning and freshening up tires.
Wheel Woolie: A tool to reach even the most difficult places on your rims.

With the Yumcars Wheels & Exterior Kit you have everything you need to thoroughly clean, protect and make your car shine like never before.

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