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YumCars Wash Bundle 2.0

  • Includes some of our most popular products
  • Perfect gift for those who want to take car maintenance to the next level
  • The complete laundry set for beginners, with only 4 products

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Discover our updated Wash Bundle 2.0, precise for a fantastic car washing experience

Yum Wash: A premium pH-neutral shampoo for safe and effective cleaning of all surfaces without touching any wax or sealant

Yum Wheels: A thick gel that adheres to wheels for powerful cleaning, safe for most types of rims

Yum Detailer: Safe for various surfaces, powerful light dirt and improvement protection. Can be used as a clay bar lubricant, gloss enhancer, wax topper, waterless wax, and more

Yum Citrus: Concentrated cleaner for removing dirt and vet, perfect for pre-washing and other detail work